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Devour Authentic Peruvian Cuisine at Picca Pollo - Millstone at Kingsview Blog

Devour Authentic Peruvian Cuisine at Picca Pollo

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The kitchen team at Picca Pollo sources its ingredients from nearby but draws culinary inspiration from thousands of miles away. The authentic Peruvian recipes and the local ingredients come together in perfect harmony, creating tantalizing dishes that are as colorful as they are delicious.

Just look at the list of starters for proof. The choros a la chalaca bring bold colors and flavors with a base of lime-marinated mussels, which the chef loads with fresh pico de gallo and Peruvian corn. For a taste of Peruvian street food, add a round of the salchipapas to your feast of small plates. They’re thinly sliced and fried Peruvian hot dogs tossed with French fries and served with all the fixings—ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Then savor a signature ceviche with your dining companions or order your own entree, like the seco de carne. This hearty plate showcases beef short ribs slow-cooked in a sauce infused with cilantro and beer. Rice and canary beans come on the side. Sandwiches, soups, salads, and traditional Peruvian spit-roasted chicken round out the menu at Picca Pollo.

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