Winter Lights Festival at Seneca Creek State Park: Holiday Cheer by the Carload

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The Winter Lights Festival at Seneca Creek State Park barely had to make any adjustments to its normal holiday routine last year. After all, as its tagline states, the event has been organically “socially distancing since 1995.” That’s because the entire light display is enjoyed from the comfort of your own car with family and friends.

Even ticket purchases occur entirely online at the moment, so the only contact you’ll have with the outside world is when you check in at the admission gate with your ticket (note, masks are required at this time). Otherwise, the entire festive experience will look exactly as it has in year’s past! Put some holiday tunes on your radio and slowly begin driving along the 3.5-mile path of light. It encompasses more than 450 different displays and dazzling, decked out trees. Over the course of your trek, you’ll see a king and queen dancing just beyond their castle’s doors; wave to a family of smiling snowmen; and witness cute arctic animals rolling around in the snow near the North Pole.

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