Let’s Taco: A Brand-New Taqueria Near Millstone at Kingsview

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If there’s a brief wait (five or 10 minutes) after you order at Let’s Taco, don’t let that deter you. In fact, it should encourage you. It means the kitchen team is taking the extra time to handcraft their corn flour tortillas on the spot, folding your chosen ingredients into them immediately after the tortillas come hot off the press.

It’s authentic touches like these that have made Let’s Taco an early hit despite having only opened its doors a few weeks ago. In addition to the hot and fresh tortillas, Let’s Taco’s team also enlists high quality fillings such as braised birria beef, trompo rotisserie-marinated pork, and flame-grilled Angus steak that will tantalize your taste buds. Dig into the quesabirria taco loaded with tender beef, gooey cheese, onions, cilantro, and a homemade salsa, or try the asada taco featuring chunks of steak with salsa roja and avocado crema. Prefer to go meat-free? Let’s Taco touts an option featuring battered oyster mushrooms in place of animal protein. The taqueria also offers burritos, quesadillas, and “más,” which is a section of fusion dishes like “birriaramen” and carne asada fries.  

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