Choong Man Chicken Delivers Dinner to Your Doorstep

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These past months have been difficult, to say the least—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t silver linings. If you’re a fan of Korean fried chicken, one of those silver linings is that Germantown’s popular Choong Man Chicken now delivers right to your doorstep. The eatery is also offering limited dine-in service if you call ahead, as well as curbside pickup.

That gives you three easy ways to enjoy the classic Korean fried chicken, garlic spicy chicken, or even curry chicken. Want to sample something even more unique? The tikkudak chicken is fried to crispy, and then baked in the charcoal oven—imparting a distinctly smoky flavor along with seasonings like soy sauce or curry spices. If you choose to dine in, take full advantage of the newly unveiled beer menu. It includes imported libations from Korea (including authentic soju) that pair perfectly with the chicken.

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