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Savor Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine at Naz’s Halal Food - Millstone at Kingsview Blog

Savor Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine at Naz’s Halal Food

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Cousins Naz and Kareem grew up in a family of restaurateurs, but they served as public school teachers together early on in their careers. It was during this time that they decided to team up beyond the walls of the school where they both taught and open a food truck rooted in their family’s own recipes. Now more than a decade later, Naz’s Halal Food has flourished into a small chain of eateries with that same family vibe, including a local branch.

It serves up the same fresh, delicious halal food that made Naz and Kareem’s NYC food truck such an instant success. That includes 24-hour-marinated chicken and lamb gyro meat, grilled and tossed over a bed of pillowy basmati rice with a colorful salad on the side. The final flourish? A drizzle of your chosen sauce, from the classic white and green sauces to the barbecue and hot sauces. If you prefer something lighter, opt for the falafel or fried fish. They come as rice bowls, wrapped in warm pita bread, or served over green salads, as does every other halal protein on the menu.

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