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Learn More About the Galaxy at Astronomical Observatory Nights

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Have you ever wondered what’s happening in the world beyond the clouds? When those clouds part, the entire cosmos comes into sharp view at Montgomery College’s Astronomical Observatory Nights. The roof of its Science Center, completed with a collection of telescopes, is typically reserved for students, but not on these nights!

The next one is coming up on Friday, August 5th, and the public is welcome to attend! Just RSVP online to save your (free) spot, then head to room 406 in the Science Center at 9 p.m. Astronomy students and faculty will lead you up to the roof, where you’ll have an hour to peek through the various telescopes and learn more about outer space. The faculty will show you how to find star clusters, nebulae, and other solar system objects using telescopes, as well as how to locate constellations and planets using the naked eye. At the end of the evening, you should be able to spot the constellations and planets at home with the help of a star chart you can take home. 

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