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Sip on Something Sweet and Refreshing at BoBaPOP Tea Bar - Millstone at Kingsview Blog

Sip on Something Sweet and Refreshing at BoBaPOP Tea Bar

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If the cute French bulldog logo peering from every cup isn’t enough to convince you to try a sip at BoBaPOP Tea Bar, then perhaps the high-quality boba will be. The pooch is a nod to the owner’s own treasured pet, while the popular bubble teas pay homage to authentic teahouses in Asia.

If you haven’t had a chance to try boba tea yet, like BoBaPOP introduce you to the iced beverage that continues to grow in popularity. Sip on the signature BoBaPop milk tea, teeming with black Ceylon tea (carefully grown in Sri Lanka) and fresh milk. It’s free of toppings, but you’re welcome to add everything from the boba (chewy, sweet pearls of tapioca) to a cap of sweet-and-salty cream cheese foam. Prefer to let the baristas dress up your drink for you? Order the 3Q milk tea with black boba, egg pudding, and grass jelly. It’s always lactose-free, but you can also order it with oat milk if you prefer to avoid the dairy entirely. The menu also includes fresh fruit iced teas, lattes, slushes, and a whole series of sips topped with the trendy cheese foam. You’ll always find a rotating selection of seasonal beverages, too.

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