Coffee Beans Are Roasted Daily at Black Lion Cafe

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There’s no mystery behind the roasting process at Black Lion Cafe. Its small-batch roaster is on full display in the coffeehouse, preparing fresh beans for that very day. That’s why the cafe is always extra fragrant. That’s also thanks to the quality of the coffee itself, which typically hails from Ethiopia. The family that owns Black Lion Cafe is the fifth generation of a clan that’s been growing in Ethiopia’s eastern highlands for decades.
With the owners having grown up on their family’s coffee farm, they’re well equipped to select coffee beans from their hometown of Harar and other parts of the country that are raised and packaged with great care. When the beans arrive at Black Lion Cafe, they’re quickly roasted in small batches and transformed into piping hot cups of joe that you can take to-go on your way to work. They’re also packaged carefully in bags designed to retain freshness, so you can always bring home some of the bold beans from Black Lion. Prefer espresso? Black Lion serves that, too, both straight and in specialty beverages like lattes and cappuccinos. 

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